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Planar Energy is committed to becoming a world leading manufacturer of cutting edge, next generation batteries while balancing environmental commitment and economic interests in all our business activities.

As a member of our global community:

  • We recognize that we have a responsibility to conduct ourselves in ways that earn the trust and respect of our customers, investors, employees and neighbors and are committed to earning that trust and respect by fostering good communication practices that allow for open and honest dialogue.
  • We understand our global duty and the impact we make on society and the environment. Protecting and preserving our most precious resources is vital. That is why, from inception, we have been committed to manufacturing our batteries in a responsible and environmentally safe manner through environmental, conservation, recycling and sustainability initiatives.
  • We realize the need for change and that today’s batteries are not good enough for tomorrow’s products. Using a multi-faceted approach, we are breaking new ground in battery development.
  • We agree that excellence should not only be expected, it should be delivered. This applies not only to our products but to our services as well.
  • We value the relationships we have developed with our customers, investors, employees and neighbors.We will never take these relationships for granted.
  • We embrace our responsibility as a corporate citizen by participating in community activities and welcoming students into our business through an Internship Program, providing them with a real world business experience that allows them to learn and grow.

This is our Philosophy, uniting our company and employees in contributing to the prosperity of humanity while protecting the world which we share.