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Seeking ways to increase safety and performance while reducing the size and cost of battery-powered products, Planar is at the forefront of developing solid state batteries that will revolutionize energy storage.  Working with a family of proprietary nano-materials and device designs, Planar’s is reducing battery weight, cost and size while increasing the capacity, safety and lifetime of batteries to power everything from automobiles to off-grid energy storage.

Planar’s products are based upon a broad portfolio of patents in the areas of materials deposition, new materials and battery design technologies. In addition, Planar’s in-house development and engineering team has decades of world-class battery and related technology experience and has developed proprietary designs and battery production processes.

Planar was co-founded by M. Scott Faris, a serial entrepreneur, and Battelle Ventures in 2007 as a spin-out of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Planar is a part of the vanguard of the green technology revolution. By acquiring and consolidating proven key technologies and assembling a world class multidisciplinary team, Planar has the technologies and team to systematically address the challenges of energy storage and usher in a new era of solid state energy storage.